About Yoga

Yoga is breath, Yoga is balance, Yoga is harmony, Yoga is movement, Yoga is stillness, Yoga is an evenness of mind – The Upanishads

What is Yoga about?

You don’t need to be flexible to start Yoga, but you do need to be patient.

No-one is really an expert in Yoga (although many claim to be!)  You can ‘practice’ yoga – but we are not aiming for perfection.  Yoga is meant to be non-competitive;  no two people’s bodies are the same after all.  Progress comes with regular practice, but the study of yoga never ends as the possibilities for self-discovery and advancement are limitless. It works within the boundaries of your own body, but it will only allow you to do as much as you can at any given time.

Practising yoga takes you on a journey of discovery; it makes you aware of your whole body, conscious of every breath, and helps you to focus, not just on the physical, but on was is going on internally.  Yoga calms a busy, over-active mind, which can drain energy levels and affect our sleep.  Yoga offers some restorative ‘me’ time away from the distractions of home, family and work.   Close the eyes, focus your mind and breathe ….