Yoga designed for your Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Yoga in the West has evolved over the years: from an ancient practice, which started over 4000 years ago, to being accessible to all ages and abilities. My yoga classes draw on ancient & modern Yoga practices and techniques which help support the body & mind, leaving your feeling refreshed, and supporting your wellbeing.

Outdoor Yoga at Nurture Retreats

Discover how Yoga can help you

 Yoga can:  improve physical fitness and flexibility 
 release aches and pains in the body
 help with shoulder, neck or back problems 
 relieve tiredness and boost energy levels
 alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety
 support your mental health and help you relax

Make time for yourself

Do you have trouble sleeping? Struggle with uncomfortable hips?
Do you like running, cycling or Hiit workouts, and need to stretch and release the body?

Practising yoga: whether it’s the postures, breathing practices, meditation or relaxation, helps improve your balance and strength, and is proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to soothe the body and mind.

Through my own practice my Yoga practice has changed to incorporate the changing landscape of life. I believe in the transformative power of Yoga; a yoga class is an ideal opportunity to make some time for yourself and your wellbeing.

Yoga takes you on a journey; challenges you, inspires you, brings you to a place of steadiness and calmness that is within