Welcome to Pamela Deal Yoga

Hi, I’m Pamela, and I’ve been teaching Yoga in Northamptonshire for 15 years. I love supporting people in my community, and teach clients from 5 to 80 years old.

Pamela Deal is qualified & insured
with the British Wheel of Yoga

Join me for nourishing and supportive yoga classes which help YOU feel better

How can Yoga help you?

A yoga class is an opportunity to make some time for yourself and your wellbeing, and once you start yoga, you will feel the effects almost straight away – both mentally and physically.

Have trouble sleeping? Tight shoulders or neck?
Struggle with back pain? Uncomfortable hips?

Each of my classes includes time to release, space to move, breath, balance and strengthen; practising yoga postures as well as meditation practices, and a nurturing relaxation at the end (the best part!).

Many people have found Yoga really complements other activities they enjoy; I have taught many sports people, including cyclists, runners and rugby fans.

Nourish yourself with Yoga!

My classes are varied each week, friendly and supportive; building a community of yogis where we can share our experiences and help each other.

If you have any questions or would like to book a class, contact me below ~ Pamela