Welcome to Pamela Deal Yoga


Pamela is favourite Yogi! – Alice Sheldon, Nurture Health & Fitness

Yoga in the West has evolved over the years to support people where they need it.

My own practice and teaching has changed to incorporate the flow of life; and help others to practice yoga safely and mindfully to enhance their wellbeing.

Yoga outside in a beautiful garden in Long Buckby

How can Yoga help you?

Do you have trouble sleeping, or tight shoulders and neck? Do you struggle with back pain or uncomfortable hips? Perhaps you like running, cycling or Hiit workouts, but need to stretch and release the body.

Each of my classes includes time to release, space to move, balance and strengthen, and many people have found Yoga really complements otherthe activities they enjoy.

Yoga is the breath, Yoga is Balance,
Yoga is Harmony, Yoga is Movement,
Yoga is Stillness, and evenness of the Mind
– The Upanishads

Make time for yourself…

I believe in the transformative power of Yoga, and a yoga class is an opportunity to make some time for yourself and your wellbeing.

Practising yoga: whether it’s the postures, breathing practices, meditation or relaxation, is proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to sooth the body and mind.

Each of my classes draws on ancient and modern Yoga techniques to support the body and mind; and includes time to release, space to move, balance and strengthen ~ Pamela Deal