Face to Face Classes

In person classes will be back soon!

STAYING SAFE IN CLASS: Please read the following guidance and if you have any questions do get in touch

I looking forward to being able to welcome you back to Yoga in person – whether that’s outdoors or indoors.

I will be following the guidance from the Government, Sport England and the British Wheel of Yoga, to ensure that we can practice safely.

Please stay at home if you have any symptoms of Covid-19or if you have been recommended to self isolate or in quarantine by your GP. If you, or someone you live with, are classed as vulnerable, do check with your doctor about whether it’s suitable for you to return to a yoga class.

Please remember bring your own mat and any props you would like. As we’re unable to share equipment, I’m not able to provide blocks, so a firm cushion, as well as your blanket would be helpful.

When waiting outside of the class, please adhere to social distancing until you are able to enter the room. Helpfully, the Church have organised a one way system, coming in through the usual door and exiting via the second door further down.

Hand sanitiser will be provided at entry/exit points, and a track and trace mobile number will need to be provided (more below)

A mask must be worn whilst entering, exiting, or moving around the hall, including the toilets. You do not need to wear a mask when on your yoga mat practising, unless you wish to do so.

United Reformed Church Hall, Long Buckby

Class sizes are capped to a maximum of 8 people to give us as much space as we can. We will be observing 1.5 to 2m social distancing at all times, and required to stay on our mats. I will not be moving around the room, but will be able to observe as usual.

There will be no breathing practises or exercises which require us to breathe out with ‘force’ or through an open mouth e.g. sighing the breath through an open mouth.

No partner work or sharing of equipment between attendees for the foreseeable future.

The new rules require the room to be ventilated before so recommend extra layers might be a good idea – depending on the weather!

CLEANING: Toilets will be open. Any frequently touched surfaces, such as taps, door handles, light switches etc. will be cleaned after our session. This includes the floor, (Recommend wiping your mat with sanitiser or disinfectant before your next session)

EXCHANGE & BOOKING: As class places are restricted, booking will be essential to monitor numbers.

You may book as many sessions as you want, with payment at time of booking to secure your place.

Payment by bank transfer is preferred, to avoid handling of cash, but if you are only able to pay by cash please bring the exact money – thank you.

NB. Your contact information will be passed to NHS Test & Trace if requested by them. No information will be provided to NHS Test & Trace other than contact phone number and attendance date/time.  You may request to opt out.  See NHS Test & Trace Guidance here

CANCELLATION POLICY: Class credits will only be offered if you cancel due to symptoms of Covid-19.