Yoga for Children

Yoga for Children is non-competitive and suitable for all abilities, including special needs

Classes are fun: different themes include lots of postures (shapes), activities, games, partner work, and ‘quiet’ time practices

While the postures can provide the physical benefits of yoga by improving strength and flexibility in the body, Yoga also incorporates breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques which can improve concentration, memory retention and help children develop good attention skills.

“Yoga is something that every child should be taught as a life skill.
It is a practice that enables them to understand and experience how their bodies and minds works, and puts maintenance of their physical and mental wellbeing within their own control” 
Dr Peter Davies, School of Integrated Health,
University of Westminster

Yoga encourages self-confidence and self-esteem in children by supporting a child’s creativity and emotional growth. Yoga can help this age group by getting them to appreciate their body’s capabilities and increase overall body awareness. Learning suitable breathing and relaxation techniques can help children to self-regulate and recognise nervous tension in the body. Through Yoga a child can learn how to relax properly and reduce levels of anxiety.

Yoga is an ideal activity during or at the end of the school day

Yoga takes the children our of their school environment and into another world. Practice is in a safe space that is familiar to them, and Yoga can be taught as part of the PE or PHSE Curriculum. Yoga supports students spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development.

Yoga in Schools

During a yoga lesson the children will practice yoga individually, with a partner and in groups. Many Yoga postures are named after animals, and children love to become a turtle, a lion or an eagle!

Each lesson comprises different Yoga activities: including postures suitable for children, a yoga game, a breathing practice (such as the Bumble Bee breath), a meditation or concentration exercise (one favourite is listening and counting the chimes of a Tibetan singing bowl), and a short story relaxation.

Specialising in children aged 8-15 years, I and can design a 6 or 10 week course specifically for these ages ranges.  If you are interested in setting up an after school club, lunchtime session, or extra-curricular class please contact me to discuss your requirements.